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Generate more sales for your E-Commerce business

Shopping campaigns are a great way to showcase products to a huge, growing market. At Logical Marketing Pros, an ecommerce PPC agency, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed online over the past 13 years, and we understand how to help you streamline your advertising and sales process.

Our services are flat rate and without contracts. Our account executives are certified in all aspects of Google Ads Marketing, Bing, Analytics, and more.

Account Ownership

One thing that makes Logical Marketing Pros different from other marketing companies that manage Google Ads is that we won’t hide your Google Ads account from you. Whether you bring an existing Google Ads account or we create a new one for you, if you decide to leave, you take it with you.

Sell More And Achieve A Positive ROI

By tracking your sales with ecommerce tracking, we ensure that we can focus on the elements of the campaign that are actually generating revenue, which will also allow our ecommerce PPC agency to optimize which products are selling the most and avoid spending money on those that are not

Our account executives are experienced in implementing techniques designed to improve e-commerce businesses like yours, and they are sure to help you push your current sales to a profitable point.

Our account executives are experienced in implementing techniques aimed at improving regional business and are sure to help you jumpstart your current lead generation efforts.

Properly Use Shopping Campaigns

Text ads for E-commerce are a thing of the past, but many of your competitors are likely still using them, so with shopping ads, we’ll make sure to give you a better presence in everyday searches. . With a focus on shopping campaigns, our ecommerce PPC agency team is confident that we will drive better conversion rates and more qualified traffic to your website.

Shopping campaigns are no longer the future, they are the present and you should start using them if you hope to be competitive enough against those who sell similar products.


Our Plans Include

Market and competitor research to come up with the right strategy for your business, industry and locations.

Creation of a thorough and detailed Google Ads campaign or multiple campaigns if needed

Extensive keyword and negative keyword research to make sure you attract the right traffic

Tailor-made ad copy focused on lead generation for Local PPC Services

Implementation of ad extensions focused on local businesses

Strategic optimizations scheduled according to your plan, each accompanied by a summary of the changes made

Ongoing reporting & status Calls

Open phone and email communication with your account executive

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